Have Questions? Need Help?

We are available to answer questions 24/7 on our Telegram channel.

Please ensure that you take advice only from one of the HYGH team members. Their official accounts are:

Telegram admins:

  • Vfromhygh
  • Hyghfrey
  • tonnohygh

Telegram support team:

  • Elizabeth_hygh
  • Andrew_hy

Any other responses do not come from HYGH staff and should be disregarded.

The Telegram UI does make it easy for scammers to fake a username. A good article on the topic: How to Avoid Telegram Scams.


Please only invest over the official HYGH URL! (dashboard.hygh.tech)
If over referral link, URL can look like this dashboard.hygh.tech/xxxxxxxxx

Don’t find the information you need?

Please contact info@hygh.tech and we will answer during Central European business hours.